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Roundtable Discussion: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Activism and Advocating for Vulnerable Immigrants

When examining movements that have a significant impact on the distribution of legal rights, it can be argued that the affected group's perspective must be at the center of the discourse surrounding reform. In evaluating the interaction between law and "vulnerable" immigrant populations, law reforms are at a critical juncture where efficacy is challenged by models from other disciplines that may be more successful in implementing and impacting the distribution of legal rights through centralizing reforms around the client's voice.

This discussion permits social scientists and lawyers to enter into a dialogue exploring diverse interdisciplinary models for reforming the immigration system with the client's centering on the client's voice. The focus will be on how interdisciplinary frameworks may support new ways to conceptualize transforming the existing problems surrounding immigration advocacy and the equal distribution of rights within the immigration system.

Karla McKanders, University of Tennessee, College of Law 
Angela Banks, William and Mary 
Tricia Hepner, University of Tennessee   
Michele Statz, Carthage College 
Yacob T. Tekie, University of Tennessee, Knoxville  

Law and Society Association  Annual Meeting

Westin Seattle 
Room: Elliott Bay Anteroom